Musical Theater

As a composer, lyricist and librettist of  musical theater, Lisa’s work combines classical music and rock, and leans towards rock opera.  Theatrical productions include “Atom & Eve” directed by Tom O’Horgan at the Westbeth Theater and “Blood & Fire” (librettist Jeff Couchman), originally produced at the York Theater and winner of the ASCAP Musical Theater Workshop with Stephen Schwartz. “Oh! The Sport of Love” a bawdy comic operetta for mezzo-soprano, has been performed from intimate parlors to starlit stages world wide, and Permission, Heffter’s one-act rock opera, is in the process of being re-staged after a sold out two week run at The Triad in NYC.  Heffter is currently collaborating with Jean Witter, librettist, on Mars: 2076, a futuristic musical based on the American Revolution of 1776.

You can indeed write musical theatre. Tuneful, smart, character driven, those are all words I’d use to describe your work. I was most drawn to the rock based pieces ….”                             – Broadway Producer James Rocco

“…wide variety of musical style” and “especially drawn to your ‘moving, powerful ballads.” – Broadway Producer Daryl Roth

LISTEN to SONGS from ATOM & EVE (click on title or go to Rock Operas)


1. BLOOD & FIRE song #1 “Good Time To Be Alive In London!”

2. BLOOD & FIRE song #2 “Something Must Be Done”

3. BLOOD & FIRE song#3 “Follow Your Heart”

4. BLOOD & FIRE song #4 “Who Is Booth?”

5. BLOOD & FIRE song #6 “Singing of Faith”

6. BLOOD & FIRE song #7 “Freedom”

7. BLOOD & FIRE song #8 “The Word Is Love”

8. BLOOD & FIRE song #9 “One Road to Paradise”

9 .BLOOD & FIRE song #10 “Prison Bars”

10. BLOOD & FIRE song #11 “The Road Ahead”

LISTEN to SONGS from PERMISSION  (click on title /go to Rock Operas)

LISTEN to SONGS from MARS: 2076

   1. Life Was Meant For Living / Stay With Me

   2. All That Might Have Been

3. WATCH “In This Life, Love”


LISTEN to ten minute comic operetta

“OH! THE SPORT OF LOVE!” (click on title or go to Classical Music)

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