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The year is 2076. For the past fifty years, a trail-blazing group of scientists, entrepreneurs, and laborers have overcome impossible odds to colonize Mars. Now that the hard work is done, Earth government is eager to cash in on their success. When a local Marsian construction worker and a astro-botanist from Earth become romantically involved with each other, the two find themselves at the center of a political storm over who should control the planet. And so, with an epic revolution at hand, a simple love story is tested by turns, both intimate and sweeping.

Behind the Scenes: Rehearsal snippets in the Recording Studio

“Where is Home?sung by Jessica Mortadello /produced by Dejo Andersson, ElevenBStudios

Lucy, born and educated on Earth, has fallen in love with Ed, a local Marsian worker. But with the completion of Mars’ first reservoir, the flowing water makes Mars a newly attractive commodity for Earth. Political problems escalate between the two planets, and on the brink of a Mars revolution, Lucy reflects on having to decide whose side will she take ?

On the eve of the revolution, Ed writes a letter to his love as he grapples with the cost of freedom.

This song’s lyrics are based on a real letter written by American soldier Sullivan Ballou to his wife Sarah on the eve of battle

All That Might Have Beensung by Dan Domenechi/ produced by ruffsketch studios

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