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Atom & Eve (original book and music by Lisa Heffter and Yvette Pecoraro) was performed as a ‘first glance’ Concert Reading 7pm Monday night October 20, 2014 at the Mary Lea Johnson Performing Arts Center 81st/West End Ave.  Powerful, melodic musical score, orchestrated tracks produced by Tony Coluccio at Global Media Music, Sound Designer Peter Fitzgerald of B’way’s Sound Associates, singers from Broadway, Rocktopia., and Khorikos, made for an electrifying evening. The theater was sold out, standing room only.  

STORY: Two cynical teens are about to get high off of a lethally laced joint. Before they can light up, interference from an intense exotic woman spins their ordinary lives into a sudden fight for survival, where they become pawns in a fantastic tale as the power of temptation and ego battles the ravages of self sacrifice and love. October concert reading starred Rob Evan and Dan’yelle Williamson as the two dangerously damaged adults.

Reviews –

“incredible message and universal appeal….your grasp of the vocals, the book, the casting, the energy – all really hit material! ” Jon Deak (NY Philharmonic)

“What an accomplishment and the standing “O” was deserved”.  – Justin Kolb (Festival of the Voice, Phoenicia, NY)

“The music was wonderful and your cast was unbelievable! Navigating through this life of temptations is a challenge. You’ve got something special on your hands.” – Liat Hood

“Brava!!! Spectacular!!! “ – Iris Derke (DCINY at Carnegie and Lincoln Center)

“What a soaring and beautiful work of art you created … what a dazzling evening  ” – Robert Lampell (ABC, The View)

“It was phenomenal.” – Jan Shaw (producer)

“…what an epic event …” – Annabel Hoffman (cellist NY Philharmonic)

“Atom & Eve is magnificent.”  – Lori Singer, actress/producer

“Mesmerizing, timeless, a classic. This show can live in any decade.” – Ying ‘Raven’ Hernandez

“I was totally blown away…” – Betsy Hill (Rolling Stone)


Featured Performers: Rob Evan, Christopher Pecoraro, Tijuana Ricks, Bill Coyne, and 

ATOM (Matt McMahan)

ATOM (Matt McMahan)

YARA - (Dan'yelle Williamson)

YARA – (Dan’yelle Williamson)

VICTOR (Waundell Saavedra)

VICTOR (Waundell Saavedra)


 EVE (Melissa Anjose)

EVE (Melissa Anjose)

FLOYD (Bart Shatto)

FLOYD (Bart Shatto)

 MARCO (Martin Fischer)

MARCO (Martin Fischer)

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