Composer Lisa Heffter, thrilled with private invitation to observe Mauna Kea‘s large telescope, stands atop the summit of Hawaii’s awesome volcano.

“Each song is a hit out of the ballpark …WAY out of the ballpark”

ASCAP/DISNEY Panel on Heffter’s score of the multi-award winning musical “Blood & Fire”

“the music was an homage to Ravel ….astonishingly beautiful ….”

NY Times review of Heffter’s debut flute quartet “Eschape”

“…how did you imagine all that?!!”

Daniel Cohn, Philadelphia audience member

“….sensational melodies, powerful ballads, and so impressed with your wide variety of musical styles …”
Daryl Roth, producer

Check out Lisa’s new musical, Mars 2076 , readying for launch.

Heffter composes, performs, and educates.

Internationally Acclaimed Composer
  • Chamber/Solo
  • Concerto/Sonatas
  • Arranger
  • Commissioned Works

The Neave Trio in Boston performing Heffter’s Valentine’s Day piano trio “From Deep Space with Love”

  • Int’l Concert Violist
  • MA – Juilliard Conservatory
  • String Quartet Artist
  • Solo/Chamber Music
Acknowledging thunderous applause after concert performance of Schubert String Quintet

  • Composition & Strings
  • Chamber music
  • Music Appreciation
  • Master Classes

Giving the gift of music to the upcoming generations