Lisa Heffter, Composer

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Heffter is a composer of classical, but not dull — amazing, fiery, and fun music. Heffter is also a composer of musical theatre that leans on rock-opera. Lisa Heffter’s bio includes international acclaim as composer, lyricist and librettist of theatrical, classical and rock music.  Previous theatrical productions by Heffter include “Atom& Eve” originally directed by Broadway’s Tom O’Horgan (Bernstein’s Mass in GJesus Christ Superstar) at the Westbeth Theater and “Blood & Fire” (librettist Jeff Couchman) originally produced at the York Theater and winner of an ASCAP Musical Theater Workshop where the panel described her music as “each song is a hit out of the ballpark….way out of the ballpark!”. Heffter’s dirty little operetta “Oh! The Sport of Love!’ premiered in Athens, and her symphonic “From Inside the Volcano” was produced with Hiromi Abe and recorded in association with Kaleidesound of Berlin. Heffter also possesses a large catalogue of pop and rock music. Her works have been performed across America and China, as well as Greece and Hawaii (she loves Islands) and of course, Manhattan. Heffter is a Julliard Master’s graduate and plays viola with Distinguished Concerts International New York at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center; she is also one of the founding members of the Bordeaux String Quartet which plays at venues all over the world. Heffter is currently working with librettist Jean Witter on the musical Mars:2076, based roughly on the story of the American Revolution. Learn more about Lisa

Carbon Fiber String Quartet, 3rd Movement

“Permission,” a Rock Opera