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Mars 2076

An epic love story amidst an inevitable revolution with song, dance, drama …..and red rocks.

The year is 2076. For the past fifty years, a trail-blazing group of scientists, entrepreneurs, and laborers have overcome impossible odds to colonize Mars. Now that the hard work is done, Earth government is eager to cash in on their success. When a local Marsian construction worker and a astro-botanist from Earth become romantically involved with each other, the two find themselves at the center of a political storm over who should control the planet. And so, with an epic revolution at hand, a simple love story is tested by turns, both intimate and sweeping.

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Lucy must choose between Ed, the man she loves, and Earth, the home she has always known.

Vocals by Jessica Mortadello produced by Dejo Andersson, ElevenBStudios

On the eve of the revolution, Ed writes a letter to Lucy as he grapples with the cost of freedom.

Lyrics inspired by the real letter written by a soldier to his wife on the eve of battle.

(to view the soldier’s original historical letter, click here)

Vocals by Dan Domenechi produced by ruffsketch studios

Mars 2076″ rehearsal snippets in Broadway’s Sound Associates Recording Studio

Blood & Fire

Multi-Award Winning Musical

(including Disney/ASCAP)

A fast paced Victorian saga,
where Reformers and Thugs collide and Love battles Violence and Greed.

If you like Downton Abbey, you’ll love this take on London’s early 1900’s. Amidst the backdrop of the Salvation Army’s mission to clean up and civilize the gritty London streets, a wealthy irreligious doctor and devout salvation army lass try not to fall in love with each other.

  1. “It’s a Good Time to Be Alive in London!”
At dinner of the wealthy Dr. Remsen’s West End London home, the family and guests exchange light conversation.

2. “The Word is Love”

Michael, a new -practicing doctor, has found purpose helping the Christian based Salvation Army, despite his own irreligious beliefs. After a particularly long day treating impoverished patients, he steps out onto a rooftop for a breath of fresh winter air. Amelia, devoted to God, has been working as his assistant, and joins him under the cold clear night sky. The two try to find common ground.

3. Who Is Booth?!

Amidst the crowded streets of London, many are preparing for the arrival of General William Booth, leader of the Salvation Army. Booth’s mission to clean up the streets and bring respect to the poor is both lauded by some and dreaded by others, (bar keeps, madams, police, and thugs.) When the Salvation Army band marches through the streets to announce Booth’s arrival, their religious hymns are taunted as the ne’er-do-wells sing along, changing the religious words to crude lyrics.

4. “Follow Your Heart”

Amelia gives warmhearted guidance to Clara, a troubled teenager whose horrible father tried to sell her into prostitution.

Originally staged at the York Theater;
directed by Damien Gray
music director: Loren Van Brenk
General Booth played by Will Swenson and Amelia played by Eden Espinosa

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