Classical Works

Heffter’s new Viola Concerto “Call of the Blue Whale”
to be recorded Spring 2023

After graduating with her master’s degree from Juilliard in NYC, Heffter toured France as violist with the award winning Manfred String Quartet. With her travels came an appetite to write, and Heffter composed Eschapé, an impressionist flute quartet, premiered at Carnegie Recital Hall, reviewed by the New York Times as “astonishingly beautiful … an homage to Ravel.” This success paved the way for Heffter’s ambitions as a composer, positioning her for an eternal conflict between desires to both perform and create.


Jordan Bak, winner of Concert Artists Guild 2019 Victor Elmaleh Competition, plays 1st and 4th movements from Heffter’s unaccompanied Viola Suite in C


Heffter’s Suites for Unaccompanied Viola

Click here to see Video of Jordan Bak playing Viola suite in G

Video performances by the extraordinary Jordan Bak, branded by CAG as
“A Star in the Making”

Despite the pandemic of 2020, Rudin Management sponsored a carefully social distanced public concert in NYC on Park Avenue, as a tribute to 9/11

                        STRING QUARTET

“A Beautiful Life” by Lisa Heffter, for a somber day of Remembrance.

Recorded live amidst an atmospheric wind and overcast skies


Heffter’s fury for violin & piano

Laura Goldberg and Jeremy Reger

!st movement: RAGE
2nd Movement : LIBERTY
3rd Movement: BRUTAL

Jeremy and Laura in rehearsal for RAGE




sung by Lea Friedman w/Esoterica String Quartet

An Italian woman, once a scientist in her own country, has fled to America, and finds work as a house cleaner. One day she is hired by a five star high rise hotel; in a moment of despair, she steps out onto the balcony for some fresh air, and ….is illuminated.

opposite: Soprano Lea Friedman


Carbon Fiber
String Quartet

recording by Laura Goldberg, Kristi Heidleberg, Annabel Hoffman, Lisa Heffter

1st Movement “Astrocrete”
2nd Movement “Warmth”
3rd Movement “Dark Matter”

Opposite: composer Lisa Heffter acknowledging standing ovation at Aldrich Museum with brilliant quartet first violinist Jorge Avila

Cello & Piano


“Flight into the Stars of Infinity”

recorded live performance
played by Misha Veselov , cello & Eri Nakamura , piano

Commission from Porto Alegre, Brazil in honor of Eva Sopher; premiered by cellist Marjana Rutkowski “..even the most taciturn man in the audience came to us very moved after listening to Lisa’s creation.”

       Duet for Viola & Cello

a grand duet

!st Movement: Opening of the Gates
2nd Movement: The Quiet Room
3rd Movement : Dance!

Recorded at SONY studios, performed by Dan Avshalomov, viola and Raphael Jezerski, cello

Opposite: Viola and Cello at rest


a synthesized symphony …..”mesmerizing”

“From Inside the Volcano”

“Pillars of Creation”

Mauna Loa erupting / Photo courtesy of Anthony Maroudas
sound designer production Hiromi Abe

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