Lighter Fare

“Oh! The Sport of Love!” is Heffter’s comedic 10 minute musical for mezzo soprano and drunk chorus ; An Aristocratic woman recounts a bawdy tale about an illustrated deck of Greek playing cards, a crowded cafe, two wanton women, one virile violinist, and a hot summer night in Athens.

Performed in salons, churches, concert halls, and living rooms all over the world. Most recently seen at Manhattan Repertory Theater …sold out.

“Oh! The Sport of Love!”

“Oh! The Sport of Love! ” A rather naughty story set to music for mezzo-soprano and drunk chorus.
Listen to mp3 of the “Oh! The Sport of Love!”

check out the Libretto while you listen


Stay in the Race

Heffter’s Anthem for Humanity – STAY IN THE RACE – produced by Dejo Andersson ElevenB Studios, singer Christie George.

Joni pop dance bubble gum fun

Good Things even though bad things happen, good things will come your way

Nice Little Girls ….or are they?

Wild Life yeah!!

Sweet Roxy country song /story

Other songs tailored for Special Occasions:

Wedding song One Light” 

Lullabye “Lullabye


CRISPR : searching for the perfect date ?!

I read about the gene-splicer CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) when it was first being discovered …CRISPR acts like a scissor and can cut out infected DNA sequences, then sew the healthy parts back together. Amazing. AMAzing!!! so ….. what if we could use CRISPR to cut out the flaws of a potential mate …?!

I’m in the background playing piano with the 54 Below band for Ashley, who inspired me to write this song.

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