uncontainable composer: maddeningly brilliant, ridiculously intense .. and totally outrageously fun

Each song is a hit out of the ballpark …WAY out of the ballpark

ASCAP/DISNEY Panel on Heffter’s score of the sung-thru musical “Blood & Fire”

the music was an homage to Ravel ….astonishingly beautiful ….

NY Times review of Heffter’s debut flute quartet “Eschape”

…how did you imagine all that?!!

Daniel Cohn, Philadelphia audience member

I dream notes.

I LOVE the pure white cold world of a blizzard. . ..it’s like an empty canvas on which ANYthing can be created !!

Some people gaze at the sky to see stars. I go to my NYC rooftop every night to feel the infinity of the sky’s empty canvas and let the city lights inspire my music

from “Atom & Eve” singer: Alexander Barton
Across the Second Desert Sky

Look at all the stars, how bright they are against the blackness of the night
Soon it will be day when the sun comes out to trick you
You think the stars have gone away
Ah! But stars like dreams are always there.
You just cant see them in the light, can you!

PERSONAL NOTE (ha ha – all puns intended!)

We are responsible for giving life meaning.

My serious classical music foundation gave me vast musical freedoms of expression.

My strength is writing soaring love duets, rich choruses, heartbreaking solo ballads, stoic anthems, and amusing songstories … However, despite my rather positive nature, I really like writing songs for the bad guys to express their truths.

It doesn’t matter how you live your cockroach life
in the end, it’s always the same for everyone :
Maggots in the grave.

Disclaimer – I prefer the visionaries version that ‘we are all just atoms of a grain that salt the disappearing wave.’

An inspired passage comes from tragedy in my rock opera “Atom & Eve.” A young woman has escaped a raging fire, only to watch in horror as barbarians murder her family. The old wise man of her village tries to comfort her, but she is inconsolable. The tired man, himself ravaged by the terrible destruction, wonders aloud about how the world might be different if we could just turn back time and start over.

Waundell Saavedra, baritone, sings the part of the village elder in Heffter’s rock opera “Atom & Eve”

There’s nothing worse than a change that leaves you lonely ..
but you’re alive, and part of life is that you cannot turn back time ..
though just imagine how things would be
if we could go back …go back to Adam and Eve…
The wars we’d never start
the songs that we might sing
the laughter we would share
like gods would we run free
and the dreams….
oh! the dreams that we would dream….

Caution from an amused narrator in my rock opera “Permission” when the hero of the story is tried by difficulty and doubt:

“Life is the Disruption of Order”

Even in the noblest pursuits,
there will be bumps along the way .

In my rock opera “Permission” a young man has a daunting mountain to climb – metaphorically and literally

So, a reminder to us all: no matter how hard things get, stay in the race 🙂

Heffter’s anthem for humanity : produced by Dejo Andersson ElevenB Studios / singer: Christie George

Lisa Heffter, after a good run

Lisa Heffter

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