uncontainable composer: maddeningly brilliant, ridiculously intense .. and totally outrageously fun

I dream notes.

I LOVE the pure white cold world of a blizzard and the empty canvas on which ANYthing can be created !!

I go to my rooftop in NYC practically every night to gaze at the sky.

(You would too if you lived where I live.)

Looking out over Manhattan, I am reminded of the infinite possibilities the universe holds.

Look at all the stars, how bright they are against the blackness of the night Soon it will be day when the sun comes out to trick you You think the stars have gone away Ah! But stars like dreams are always there. You just cant see them in the light, can you! -Floyd, from Act II, Atom & Eve

The philosophers in my musicals remind us “We are all just atoms of a grain that salt the disappearing wave….”

The bad guys in my musicals caution: “It doesn’t matter how you live your cockroach life – in the end, it’s the same for everyone : maggots in the grave.”

And from the lovers in my musicals: “Now that you’re here, I’m never letting you go. ..everything’s clear..we’ll have a million tomorrows ….and I know it’s right..”

A few favorite comments

“Each song is a hit out of the ballpark …WAY out of the ballpark”

ASCAP/DISNEY Panel on Heffter’s score of the sung-thru musical “Blood & Fire”

“the music was an homage to Ravel ….astonishingly beautiful ….”

NY Times review of Heffter’s debut flute quartet “Eschape”

“…how did you imagine all that?!!”

Daniel Cohn, Philadelphia critic

Let’s build something together.

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