Atom & Eve

Highlight video reel  “Atom & Eve” the allegorical coming of age story for the 21st century.  Two teens whose futures are in question become pawns in a fantastic tale where the power of temptation and ego battle the ravages of self sacrifice and love. 

Audience Response: 

“incredible message and universal appeal….your grasp of the vocals, the book, the casting, the energy – all really hit material! ” Jon Deak (Founder of VYC at Lincoln Center/NY Philharmonic)

“What an accomplishment and the standing “O” was deserved”.  – Justin Kolb (Festival of the Voice, Phoenicia, NY)

“The music was wonderful and your cast was unbelievable! Navigating through this life of temptations is a challenge. You’ve got something special on your hands.” – Liat Hood (director family management Tel Aviv)

“Brava!!! Spectacular!!! “ – Iris Derke (Co-founder/General Director of DCINY at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center)

“What a soaring and beautiful work of art you created … what a dazzling evening  ” – Robert Lampell (Director The View ABC )

“It was phenomenal.” – Jan Heller (entrepreneur/producer )

“…what an epic event …” – Annabel Hoffman (cellist NY Philharmonic, Hamilton)

“Atom & Eve is magnificent.”  – Lori Singer (actress/producer)

“I was totally blown away…” – Betsy Hill (Rolling Stone)

Read the Legend of Yara

Atom & Eve Main Characters

Listen to Songs  from Atom & Eve :

1. In The Loneliness of the Night

2. Jambolee! Jambolai!

3. The River

4. Thunder In Your Heart

5. Money Is What You Need

6. If Only I Had Known

7. Here We Are

Live footage from the concert reading

1. Do You Want To Get High

2. The River

3.Across the Second Desert Sky

4 The Dreams that We Would Dream

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