A one act rock opera for any romantic looking for their true calling.

Sold out performances in NYC at THE TRiAD

Across a sea of forgotten sands, upon a distant shore

Atop a snowy mountain ridge that glistens in the sun

A giant plate of weathered metal hangs heavy in the wind

It is The Gong

On a path to success, a young man becomes haunted by the absurd dream of a gong atop a high snowy mountain awaiting to be rung. To quell his confusion, he takes off on an adventure that reveals the delights of travel, a dalliance with his future, and a surprising moment revealing capabilities he never knew he had, leading him to become the unintended hero of a glorious triumph.

PERMISSION takes you on a musical ride (think Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon) filled with dramatic longing, philosophical jewels, overwhelming psychological risk, and a series of wild events resulting in an unbelievably happily-ever-after.

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