The Rock Opera “Atom & Eve”

Atom & Eve ( original book and music by Lisa Heffter and Yvette Pecoraro) was performed in NYC as a Concert Reading at the Mary Lea Johnson Performing Arts Center. Powerful, melodic musical score, orchestrated tracks produced by Tony Coluccio at Global Media Music, Sound Designer Peter Fitzgerald of B’way’s Sound Associates sold out the theater and made for an electrifying evening. 

Highlight video reel  “Atom and Eve” the allegorical coming of age story for the 21st century.  Two teens whose futures are in question become pawns in a fantastic tale where the power of temptation and ego battle the ravages of self sacrifice and love. 

Audience Response: 

“incredible message and universal appeal….your grasp of the vocals, the book, the casting, the energy – all really hit material! ” Jon Deak (Founder of VYC at Lincoln Center/NY Philharmonic)

“What an accomplishment and the standing “O” was deserved”.  – Justin Kolb (Festival of the Voice, Phoenicia, NY)

“The music was wonderful and your cast was unbelievable! Navigating through this life of temptations is a challenge. You’ve got something special on your hands.” – Liat Hod (director family management Tel Aviv)

“Brava!!! Spectacular!!! “ – Iris Derke (Co-founder/General Director of DCINY at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center)

“What a soaring and beautiful work of art you created … what a dazzling evening  ” – Robert Lampell (Director The View ABC )

“It was phenomenal.” – Jan Heller (entrepreneur/producer )

“…what an epic event …” – Annabel Hoffman (cellist NY Philharmonic, Hamilton)

“Atom & Eve is magnificent.”  – Lori Singer (actress/producer)

“I was totally blown away…” – Betsy Hill (Rolling Stone)

Click here to listen to the audio trailer
Listen to Songs  from Atom & Eve:

6. Money Is What You Need


7.  If Only I Had Known


8. Here We Are

Live footage from the concert reading

Do You Want To Get High       Yara, a fiery mysterious woman, sees two teenagers about to light up a lethally laced marijuana cigarette … remembering her own teenage past,  she scorns their ‘artificial” device and lures them with the temptation of a far higher high …with the intention in mind of snapping them out of their lethargy and sparking their natural desires for adventure, and ultimately whetting their appetite for life. 

The River     Yara’s best friend reminds her the joys of their childhood past, and the days of when just going to the river could soothe all troubles.

Across the Second Desert Sky: a shy man who’s passion us reading books, shows Atom & Eve how to use their imaginations to create a fantastic world of their own desires.

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